About Us

Meet the husband/wife team behind Blue Pearl Pomskies!
Alyssa Bouman

Our Story

We are a full-transparency breeder and we encourage you to ask us any questions or concerns you may have! Our line of Pomskies are Multi-Gen, meaning even though we are relatively new breeders, our line is not! It took ten years to breed our line! We are under the mentorship of two breeders through the APKC (American Pomsky Kennel Club) and follow all health standards and ethical practices. We are always learning and if there’s any question we can’t answer, we will consult our mentors and be sure to resolve any concern.

Our Mission

Pomskies are a very new breed that has only existed within the past ten years. Our mission is to join the effort with other ethical Pomsky breeders to meet existing quality and health standards listed in the APKC and IPA, as well as continue to pursue AKC recognition of this new breed. This is a marathon, not a race, to stabilize the Pomsky’s genetics and traits since it is a hybrid of two well-known breeds.

How did you get into breeding?

We fell in love with the Pomsky breed after purchasing Magnus as a pet. We decided to give him a friend, bringing Torvi home. When we realized the caliber of her DNA quality and the importance of breeding a healthy Pomsky line, we decided to take on the challenge of perfecting the Pomsky breed!

What makes your breeding program special?

Most Pomsky breeders have to start from a Pomeranian and a Husky. Our line is multi-generational from the top Mini Pomskies in America with traits focusing on health, calmer temperament, miniature size, and tailored appearance. This means that DNA health quality, physical traits, estimated weight, and temperament will be more reliable than a first or second-generation Pomsky.

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